TOP 5 Features of Samsung Galaxy 10

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Everybody was waiting for the next generation Note Phablet from the Samsung, but we get surprised when manufacturer announced the Samsung Galaxy 10 along with the Note.

We all know that this is a great and brave move by the Samsung because Note is already the beast with high tech specs on the board, but having said that Galaxy 10 is never the less because of its curved display making its own presence along with the latest Note.

The Galaxy 10 comes with many serious improvements from its previous model that will guarantee its success for sure. T

he thing is that Samsung has released the iPhone 10 competitors in the market just to dominate before its official launch.

Now let’s talk about top features of the Samsung Galaxy 10.

The 4 New & Remarkable features of the Galaxy Note S-Pen

1. Larger display

The Galaxy 10 features a.7 inch display over its last gen model featuring.1 inch display.

Although featuring a bigger display with classy sharp Quad-HD resolution, it makes the screen so fantastic plus on the curved screen of 10 you will fall in love for sure.

A curved screen and that too large now makes this Phablet a resistible.

Galaxy 10 Display

2. Superior battery

When you have something bigger, then as a smartphone you do need a bigger battery to enjoy the juice out of it.

The galaxy 10 features a larger screen, so to tackle this beauty, it has now 3000mAh battery.

The battery on the previous Edge was 2600mAh which was still batter in many ways for at least 8 hours of on screen usage.

So the battery for 10 is more than the previous and it equals to the note, so expect to have really battery timings for this Phablet.


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3. With 8GB RAM

Even the 4GB of RAM is enough for the device multitasking and other performances, but we can understand that Samsung has upgraded each and every aspect from the marketing point of view too.

But adding a GB of RAM is still a great step, and you can expect now the performance of this device will be even more fast and smooth.

This 8GB of RAM will surely handle the rich features that you can find in the Touch Wiz interface of this flagship.

We hope that now the RAM management will be improved a lot and there will be no multitasking issues on the Galaxy 10.


4. Keyboard case option

This time Samsung comes totally unexpected and surprised us with keyboard option on the Galaxy 10.

This keyboard case latches onto the Galaxy 10 like a mine cart to a rail track.

Basically, the case snaps on the back of the phone, the keyboard goes over the front, and the two pieces are locked together.

And, snap – get a load of those physical keyboard keys! It looks like Samsung’s appreciation for BlackBerry goes beyond the Ontario company’s prowess for secure software, for this odd keyboard accessory seems to be after the same physical keyboard-loving crowd.


5. Expanded “People Edge” feature

The people Edge features that was used to highlight of your favorite contacts has been now been extended and you can have the shortcuts to your favorite apps too.

The functionalities of the Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy Edge has been pooled together resulting the two curved screen sides into something with more value than mere artistic goodness.

Moreover, users can now add more shortcuts to contacts that can be accessed from the Edge, so they can easily reach features like video chat and emoticons.


The 4 New & Remarkable features of the Galaxy Note S-Pen

The top 5 features of Samsung Galaxy Note