Few things that you need to know about the quick charging on LG Smartphone

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Not every feature a smartphone can have. No matter how much it is powerful regarding the spec wise.

Companies tries to fit as many features as it can, which results in un balance of features which are considered as the most important.

If you see the LG SMARTPHONE it is a beast when it comes to its beautiful style and some impressive high tech body finish with the leather, plus the specs are just the killer for any other competitors.

These things are essential for the buyers to buy that smartphone but when the company misses the one big thing in latest flagship like the battery power, users may not be as interested as they should be.

Now the turning point of the story is that all these killer specs have nothing to do with user experience when its battery is not capable of handling the specs.

The Battery of the LG SMARTPHONE is shorter than the previous version which makes this the weakest point in the LG SMARTPHONE.

But having said that, users should give up on this point or they should see the other bright side of it too? Let’s talk about it in detail.

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If you are user who just loves this smartphone and you see it a must buy phone, then for just battery, you should not say NO to the LG SMARTPHONE, because the LG SMARTPHONE have the feature of Quick Charge feature which supports all the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.

Now that’s the game changing feature because due to this technology all the Snapdragon powered smartphones juice up quickly.


This amazing feature is the company’s Snapdragon 800 series of SoCs, which makes this technology of Quick Charge 2.0 not limited to a certain brand of devices only.

The best thing about it is that it charges 75% faster as compared to the regular charging times of a normal Android tablet/smartphone including the latest flagship LG SMARTPHONE.

On the other hand we would like to convey to the users that there is twist in this case as the LG SMARTPHONE do supports the Quick Charge technology but the LG SMARTPHONE stock charger isn’t compatible with the Qualcomm’s fast charging technology.

Due to this the LG SMARTPHONE doesn’t charges the smartphones as quick as should be. The 3000 mAh battery of the LG SMARTPHONE requires about 127 minutes to get charged completely.

The Qualcomm’s definition of quick charge is that this technology charges the device from 0% to the 60% in just 30 minutes.

Well this seems to be very impressive but the things are different in reality than this definition as it can’t be applied to every smartphone battery.

In reality the percentage really depends on the total capacity of the battery, the components that are used in the battery plus the charging system.

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Regardless of all these, we still are consider the Quick Charge 2.0 a very solid selling point of the LG SMARTPHONE and the other smartphones that are released in the last six months.

When the battery of the LG SMARTPHONE is around 15%, it charges more faster than it normally would, and it gives around 7-8 hours of use when it has been charged after 45-50 minutes, which is not bad actually.

The theory of the Quick Charge even becomes greater when the Quick Charger 2.0 is plugged into the LG SMARTPHONE directly instead of the smartphone’s stock charger.

Because of it the LG SMARTPHONE get charred completely around 100 minutes which is an improvement of 23% over the LG SMARTPHONE stock charger.


If you love to buy the LG SMARTPHONE but you are worried about its battery performance, then we recommend you to buy the Quick Charger 2.0 charger for your smartphone.

This will charge your LG SMARTPHONE faster which makes your experience of using it more awesome for sure.


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