The top 5 features of Samsung Galaxy Note

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Samsung has finally launched its Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone in New York.

Well there is a good and the bad news for this launch especially for the UK and the EU.

The good one is that whatever the rumors were saying before the launch of Galaxy Note smartphone, it actually lives up to all of them.

Let’s talk about its top 5 killer features.

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1. Spectacular and Exceptional Design

Well the rumors were true and the Galaxy Note smartphone features almost the same design which you can find on the Galaxy Note previous version.

The only thing that is changed from the Note previous version is that in Note smartphone the Samsung has shrink the bodywork down around the touchscreen.

This has been done so tremendously that we can hardly imagine that a Phablet like Note smartphone can be that much actually compact.

Overall the major change that you can find in the Note smartphone is the premium metal and glass body work that is similar to the Galaxy new version.

This definitely turns the tables and it gives the most exceptional feel in the hands.

Note previous version too has a metal surround but the quality and built premium design of Note smartphone leaves behind the last generation Note previous version.

Rumors were right here too on the notes 10 saying that it will feature a curved glass rear panel with tapered edges.

This design is very similar to the to the front designs of Samsung Galaxy new version and S10 . Samsung says that this design makes to hold the device easily and it can be used one handed without any problem.

2. Stunning Display

Well you can expect a stunning display for the Galaxy Note smartphone as the Samsung is doing great job with the display of its flagships and it also consistently improving the displays too.

The Note smartphone features a 6.3 in Super AMOLED panel with a QHD 2560 x1440 pixel resolution that results in classy ultra-visual quality.

The screen form the front is flat and it is not the curved like the Galaxy new version Edge and with the super AMOLED, the brightness, contrast and all the viewing angles are just splendid.

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3. The Processor POWER

Like you have seen many thing common when it comes to the shared components of the Galaxy new version handsets and the Note series that are launched the same year, so nothing to get surprised that Note smartphone too is using the same chipset that is present in the Galaxy new version, S10 and the S10 +.

It doesn’t means that there is an issue with this chipset or anything else, but to be very true the Exynos 7420 is the best which performs excellent in devices launched this year.

This best thing is that it is lightning fast, and it just don’t get cooked like the Snapdragon chipset, and it gives the battery life way better.

You will be surprised to know that Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone features a 8GB of RAM which is the most in any flagship offered by the Samsung.

This reason behind is that it will gives the users best experiences when it comes to the multitasking capabilities.

4. Multitasking & Stylus just got new Dimensions

Now with the Note smartphone, you can do more things with its multitasking capabilities and with the S-Pen Stylus too.

Now with the Note smartphone S-pen, it’s been redesign and it’s now more like a pen which works superb and it is also easy to hold in hand. Is also features a clicky quick-release mechanism.

The S-Pen of Note smartphone is very sensitive and is more responsive and you can feel that you are using the real pen, and this is what Samsung has done with S-pen making it so real to use.

There are many new features that are added to the radial Air command menu such as signing a PDF documents on the go.

With Note smartphone featuring a 8GB of RAM, you can now enjoy the fluid and smooth multitasking that you haven’t experienced before with any Samsung’s flagships.

5. IMMENSE Battery Life

The Galaxy Note smartphone packs non-removable 3500mAh battery which is just excellent and it will provide plenty of juice for the users.

With this flagship having the finest processor and Samsung’ power saving mode, one can expect some fabulous battery performance form this beast.

This is not over yet as the Note smartphone also supports the quick charging and the wireless charging capabilities too.


TOP 5 Features of Samsung Galaxy 10

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