The 4 New & Remarkable features of the Galaxy Note S-Pen

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There has been a great talk about the Samsung newly launched Galaxy Smartphone.

Not only it has killer specs, but form the software and hardware point of view, it is the beast Phablet.

The noticeable thing about the Smartphone is that it’s Stylus which is known as the S-Pen.

Samsung has introduced tons of new features and have said good bye to the old technology that it used previously for the stylus of the Note series.

Let’s see the best features of this S-Pen from the Galaxy Smartphone.

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1. It’s so remarkable that it feels like a real pen

We all know and most of you have used the Stylus function of the older Note series, but that was not up to mark always.

When you write something you always feels that it lacks behind your speed of writing which results in something artificial experience.

Well we are not saying that the old S-Pen was totally crap but that was definitely not as smooth and good that users can find on Smartphone S-Pen.

Yes the S-Pen of the Galaxy Smartphone is too remarkable that you will certainly feel that you are holding your actual oen in hand.

Now that is what Samsung has down so good and have bring the real pen experience to the S-Pen. 

The S-Pen experience is very smooth and balanced, and when you write with it, you just fall in love with that.

2. More Shortcuts now can be added to the Air Command

Air Command is the feature of the S-Pen that basically shows the quick shortcuts to suit the apps that are meant for the S-Pen.

Previously the shortcuts option was limited but with the Galaxy  Smartphone S-Pen you can add a few more apps shortcuts to the dock depending on your own preferences.

This will definitely help the users of Smartphone, when they have downloaded any third party apps and then they can add the shortcuts to Air Command.

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3. You can write but without unlocking the phone

The best feature of Smartphone S-Pen is that you can easily write and note or whatever you want on the screen of the device without unlocking it.

This option is very helpful in those situations where you don’t have even time to unlock the phone and write a note for you.

But with the S-Pen of the Galaxy Smartphone you don’t need to bother unlocking your device and start writing on its screen.

4. Capturing complete website with Scroll capture is so easy

When you are surfing on the different websites, then sometime you just want to save a lot more than you can actually do.

Previously you take the screenshot of the webpage and then you have to scroll down to take the screenshot of the remaining is now a history.

With the S-Pen of Galaxy Smartphone, you can use the Scroll Capture feature to capture the longer screens of a webpage.

This screenshot is then saved to your gallery, but this will be saved as an extra-long image. Now that is a cool feature of the S-Pen which users will definitely going to love

If you have some more features to share or you want to share your own experience with the S-Pen of the Galaxy Smartphone, then do leave your valuable comments in the comment box.

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