Tips & Tricks to get iOS like Assistive Touch for LG Smartphone

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The touch assistant that comes in the LG SMARTPHONE isn’t to great and elegant when it’s been compared with the touch assistant found in the iOS of iPhone.

Although the interface of the LG SMARTPHONE is incredibly beautiful, yet its touch assistant gives very ugly look.

But users can now change the look of this assistant touch and can make it much better and it will almost like the one found in Ios.

The best thing found in this assistant touch is that it features the Home button which is very handy if you don’t want to use your Home button again and again or the Home button is faulty.

Basically the myth behind the touch assistant was to help the people having physical impairments or for those specific devices whose buttons are not working properly like the home button or the volume up and down buttons.

Now it has become so popular that just forget about the faulty buttons, people love to use them on their device, no matter they are using the Android or the iOS .

Well no body wants to use the 3rd part apps, when their device has the stock one doing the job, but in this case the touch assistant that will be available below to download is much smoother and quicker than the stock one and it simply replaces the stock touch assistant present on the LG SMARTPHONE.

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Moreover, this touch assistant runs as the internal application and you don’t have to worry for that.

This touch assistant comes in two different Ios styles which users can customize according to their own preferences.

This touch assistant has been tested on the LG SMARTPHONE running the KitKat firmware, so users having LG SMARTPHONE running the Android Lollipop should not take risk to use it on their devices.

Required Download

Download the LGSettingsAccessibility.apk from here

Steps to replace stock touch assistant on LG SMARTPHONE

Step No. 1

First you have to download the apk file from the above link.

Step No. 2

Now navigate to system/priv-app/LGSettingsAccessibility/ , and then you will find the folder that has the original LGSettingAccessibilty.apk file.

Note: do not rush to replace the original file and copy it in your Laptop/PC so that you have the backup of this file. Who knows that you want to revert back to the original file in the future.

Step No. 3

Now transfer the LGSettingsAccessibility.apk file in the similar system/priv-app/LGSettingsAccessibility/ path.

Step No. 4

Now you need to set the permissions to rw- r– r– from the properties.

Step No. 5

In the last step, reboot your LG SMARTPHONE so that it can take the changes.

When your LG SMARTPHONE will start after reboot, you can enjoy the new elegant touch assistant on your LG SMARTPHONE.

Once you reboot your device, you can now enjoy your new touch assistant.

Note: If this touch assistant doesn’t work properly or you do not like it, then nothing to worried, because you have the backup of your original apk file.

All you need is to restore your original file by following all the steps above and then reboot. If you have questions, then do leave us a comment.

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