Tips and Tricks to customize your Android’s Home Button

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Android is well known for its customizations, and you can get the maximum out of your Android device.

But there are some areas of Android OS where the customizations can’t be done.

You can’t customize your capacitives and hardware buttons on your smartphone, but the good news is that this has been now a history because this can be done on OnePlus 2.

Yes if you own this smartphone, then you should know that you can assign multiple functions to the back, recent apps and the home buttons too.

Now this capability of customization comes with OnePlus 2 but you can’t completely do this to your Android smartphones.

But you can make the home button of your smartphone launch any app by tapping twice.

The app that performs this app Home2 shortcut which is available from the Play Store.

This app allows the users to set any app or shortcut of their choice that can be set on their phone’s capacitive buttons, and after that you can also specify gesture i.e. what you want, a double tap or something else, set a duration for this and you are good to go.

The best part is that this all doesn’t require your phone to be rooted.

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How to customize your Android’s Home Button

First of all you will need to download the Home2 shortcut app from Google Play Store. When you will open this app you will be taken to few settings, that will allow you to allocate any app or shortcut, select the capacitive button, and last the duration between the double taps.

This whole process has four main steps.

Step No. 1

In the first step you have to tap on the option saying “Choose Application” and then installed applications, and then select which applications should be launched with the double tap. You can also choose shortcuts instead of applications.

Step No. 2

The second steps allows you to change the interval between the Double tap. Here you can set the speed according to your own desire. If you will select the slower setting, then definitely the phone will react a bit slow to the double tap.

Step No. 3

The third step is all about the launcher that you used mostly, so select the one you ware going to use.

Step No. 4

Now in the last step just tap the home button once then you will be asked to choose the launcher, form there you have to select the Home2 Shortcut launcher, and hit the always option.

You can also set different combinations for this launcher i.e. you can also set shortcuts for Home Search and Home back buttons.

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