How to enable multi boot option on your Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone

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If you are among those who love to customize their Android smartphones and are in love to change the ROMs very frequently mainly due to the reason that custom ROMs are way better than the stock one, then you may consider seriously about the multi boot option.

The good thing about the multi boot is that it makes the Nandroid Backup before flashing a new custom ROM, which saves a lot of time plus doesn’t create a headache.

If you owns a Samsung Galaxy NOTE smartphone, and you want to enable the multi boot option then it is possible and thanks to the XDA forum member 54NJ41, who have made it possible.

In this thread he has given a detailed step by step guide and also the Dual boot patcher .zip file by which you can easily enable the multi boot on your NOTE smartphone.

He has used this patcher on NOTE smartphone bearing model number SM-N920C, but he is very confident that this patcher will work on all other variants of the NOTE smartphone.

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Main Advantage

The main advantage of enabling this multi boot is that whenever you will flash any other custom ROM on your NOTE smartphone, then you have nothing to get worried as you won’t lose any data plus it will not made changing to your primary ROM, and you can go to your ROM anytime you want


If you face any sort of trouble using this method, then nothing to get worried as you have the option to flash the Multi_Boot_Cleaner to revert. This utility will wipe all the files from system and it will restore the primary ROM kernel.

Things to do

1. Make sure that your NOTE smartphone is rooted and running the latest custom recovery i.e. TWRP or Philz.

2. Don’t forget to take the Nandroid Backup if you are using this method for the first time.

3. Make sure your NOTE smartphone have enough charging so that it do not create a scene in the process.


AndroidExpertClub will not be held responsible if anything happens to your NOTE smartphone. So proceed this method at your own risk.

Guidelines on How to get multi boot on your Samsung Galaxy NOTE smartphone

Step No. 1

In first step, you need to download any custom ROM for your NOTE smartphone that is according to your desires. After that you also need to download the add-ons, kernel file and then save them on your NOTE smartphone storage.

Step No. 2

Now download the Dual Boot Patcher and then install it on your device.

Step No. 3

Now open the Dual Boot Patcher and then grant the SU permission. Here you will see the primary ROM under the ROMs. After that press the 3 dot menu and the click set kernel.

Step No. 4

From Dual Boot Patcher go to Patch Zip File and then choose nobleltespr – Samsung Galaxy NOTE smartphone from the drop down menu

Step No. 5

Now you have to choose Data Slot from the Partition configuration drop down menu

Step No. 6

Now you have to enter the ID for your secondary ROM and that can be anything like 1, 2, 3 etc.

Note: it will take it as /data/multiboot/data-slot-1)

Step No. 7

Now tap the below button to ROM’s kernel and the mods to patch them.

Step No. 8

Make sure to keep the same slot for the kernels and the mods same as the ROM

Step No. 9

Now imitate the process and press the tap option to start the patching. After patching is done, you will get a new patched .zip file.

Step No. 10

Now also Patch the kernel for ROM with same ID

Step No. 11

Now boot your Galaxy NOTE smartphone into custom recovery and then flash the new patched ROM and then the patched kernel and don’t wipe anything. After that reboot your NOTE smartphone.

Step No. 12

NOTE smartphone will now boot into the new ROM. Now you have to install the Dual Boot patcher app and also set kernel for the second new ROM.

Step No. 13

Now in the last step you have to launch the Dual Boot Patcher app and then click on primary or the secondary ROM whichever you want and then reboot your device.

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