TinyTask Computer Activity Automation Tool (Review 2023)

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TinyTask is a small-scale computer activity software automation tool.


TinyTask Software is more suitable for personal level usage, and therefore you can automatically do certain activities.

When it comes to computer activities automation, one of the most popular methods is Microsoft excel Macros.

Further, if you consider the large-scale automation activities, there are premium software like Blue Prism, UI Path, Power Automate, etc.

These software applications are known for enterprise-level computer activities automation tools.

Another term for that is Robotic Process Automation tools (RPA).

What is the Difference Between Premium Automation tools and other tools?

Those premium computer activities automation tools mentioned above are suitable for various purposes, and they are costly.

In other words, a general computer user like you and I may not be able to afford them.

So, simple software applications like TinyTask are more practical for our cases because they are free to download and use.

Also, you do not need to have the expert knowledge to use the TinyTask automation tool because it has a single panel option bar with 3 to 4 options.

How to Use TinyTask Application?

TinyTask software application has been developed for Microsoft Windows operating system.

However, there are ways that you can use this automation tool on other operating systems as well.

All you have to do is create a virtual Windows environment on the respective operating system.

The primary operational features in TinyTask are,

  • Record
  • Stop
  • Play

You can use these three options to automate any activity using this application.

For example,

Let’s say you want to copy-paste some data from one folder to another folder.

So in that case, you have to first open the application and press on “Record” button.

After that, perform the copy-paste activity from one folder to another and click on the “stop” button in the TinyTask application.

Then, you can click on the “Play” button on the application and automate the activity.

So when you repeat the activities using the Play button, you will see that your mouse cursor automatically moves, opens folders, copying data by right-clicking on the mouse and then paste them on the destination location.

What are the Activities that can be Automated with TinyTask?

You can have various types of activities that you do daily, and they are actually kind of data entry works.

So you do not want to spend your valuable time doing those time consuming repetitive tasks on your own because you can use software applications like TinyTask to get the job done effortlessly.

Some of the examples of activities that you can automate using tinytask would be,

  • Opening music files on your music player.
  • Adding more music files to playlist.
  • Automate Microsoft Excel tasks.
  • Opening web browsers and loading pre-determined web pages.
  • Compressing and decompressing a batch of files to a directory.
  • Deleting files and folders.

Like wise, you can use TinyTask for different types of activities.


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