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There are various kinds of kids’ game apps in the app market. However, game apps giving an idea about the world and people are often rare. Run Cow Run is a special game that represents a story of a cow that is on a farm. The cow ultimately realizes what really happens to the animals which live on the farm and make a U turn. She makes an escape in order to save her life. This Run Cow Run can be introduced as a kiddo game that reveals the sarcastic truth about farms. This is the story the meat industry does not want the people to know. Help the cow to save her life! Help her to escape from the vicious farmer.

The cow realizes what actually happens to the animals on the farm and plan to escape. She does not escape on her own but with all the animals on the farm. She rescues all the other animals that are being trapped on her way run. She jumps over obstacles; survive from windmills until she comes to a safe place. The vicious farmer chases while she runs, but it is your responsibility to safeguard the cow until she returns to a safe place. Do not ever make the situation to be worse and make the cow end up being chopped.

This game support all Android phones and Android TV boxes too. You can easily install this application using play store. If not, you can use AC Market or Aptoide. For Android TV boxes you can use Aptoide TV and Filelinked.

Features of Run Cow Run

  • The game is offered free of charge, where you can play it without any money.
  • Run Cow Run has 2D graphics which make you feel like you are watching a cartoon.
  • This is smooth gameplay where you can smoothly play until the end. The smoothness makes you play the game more and more.
  • There are many unique power ups such as speed ups, magnets, and many others. These power ups help the cow to survive and run to a safe destination.
  • You will be provided leader boards and achievements to make the game play more interesting.
  • Run Cow Run also supports your Android TV, where you can control the game using remote control D pads. You can also use joysticks, but joysticks are not necessary if there’s a game controller.
  • There are many animals to be saved along with the cow, such as Sheep, Ducks, Pigs, Chicken, and as well as Squirrels from the Noogra Nuts.
  • There’s another extra game named Flappy Cow Mini Game. You can play that game too.


Run Cow Run is an award winning game and has won the award for Best Running Game. Since this is inspired by the true stories of the cows, Run Cow Run is a special game among other common ones. The game Run Cow Run has been offered by Bengigi and has officially released on the 28th of January 2013.

This game requires reasonable amount of free RAM and storage for smooth game play. If this game lag or does not play smoothly you can use Clean Master to quickly close all other tasks and apps to boost device performance. The app has been updated, fixed some bugs, and improved its performance in order to run smoothly. I highly recommend this game since it makes me so happy to save the lives of animals. Well, I think I gave a detailed description of how Run Cow Run works, and now it is your duty to install and play the game. Why don’t you do it? Just click the install button and save some animals.


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